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Dennis Horvath

Dennis Horvath is the grand son of Pop Zulla Dennis is helping me (Dale Gresham) Make this page out of pure love for the sport of racing as well as for Charles R. Zulla (ie: Pop zulla) Dennis started racing in Go karts...there he won 2 championships and placed 3rd out of 300 karts in the nationals (1989) Dennis then moved on to racing a modified at wall stadium NJ since then he has owned and raced 3 modifieds Since then dennis has been thought to have "Retired" Now Dennis is the proud father of Kelly Horvath his daughter of 8 years, and soon to be father of second child on the way Married to his wife Donna Horvath his life couldent be better Now its 1998 and the racing spirit of dennis is growing....I have asked him about racing recently and he has commented "I WILL be back in 1999"

Above is a picture of the most recent Tenn X Car

Dennis horvath